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Compliance - the foundation of our business

Fair, open and with integrity

Compliance with global and local laws, rules and regulations is an important part of our mission statement SPIRIT. The compliance management system of the Goldschmidt Thermit Group includes basic rules for fair, open and honest conduct within the company group and also in connection with our business partners, customers and competitors. Our compliance management system helps to ensure that our business operations always correspond to the highest ethical, legal and professional standards. The responsible persons in the respective group companies combine their technical expertise and form together with the Group Compliance Officer a strong group-wide compliance network. 


Начаты испытания и опытное применение новой техники для автоматического пропан-воздушного подогрева...

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В Июне ООО «ГТ-АТС» приступило к масштабному выполнению сварочных работ на 14 железных дорогах по...

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В период с 30 августа по 02 сентября наша компания приняла активное участие в выставке ЭКСПО-1520. В...

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