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TSL - Lubricator

Smart lubricator TRACKSAFELUВЕ is intended for reduction of wear of rails. Rail lubrication shall be used in the places where significant wear is due to rail and vehicle flange friction. TRACKSAFELUBE lubricator helps reduce the wear by 80% at rail joints on curved sections.

The operation is nice and simple: block signaling is installed on the external side of the rail in a curved section and is activated by the passing set of wheels; it sends a signal to the control unit for each passing set of wheels. Control unit controls the lubricating pump; dosage and the choice of wheels can be adjusted by operational staff. 

Lubricating rods ensure exceptional lubricant distribution. Solar panel charges the 12V battery of high capacity, which ensures long period of operation even in cloudy weather (up to 60 days). Fine adjustment of control unit guarantees perfect conformity to the maintenance needs on railroad and tram trunk lines.

We sell, install, and provide maintenance of such equipment.