We are pleased to inform you that we have launched our joint German-Russian project in January 2011. To promote it, we have created a new company, OOO GT-Alyuminotermitnaya Svarka, or GT-ATS. Being a full-fledged receiver of the OOO Alyuminotermitnaya Svarka established in 2002 that represented Elektro-Thermit GmbH & Co. KG, the new company continued to develop the whole range of its activities, and significantly expanded its technical and commercial opportunities already as a member of the Goldschmidt Group, a company that has been operating globally for more than 100 years.

Founded in 2002, the company was originally created as an enterprise specialized in aluminothermic welding of rails (ATS) – this is what the plans were for a long-term perspective, focusing on the policy of technical development of railways. At the same time, the objects of the company's activities are not only the main rail tracks, but also the tracks of city rail transport like tram and underground rails, house tracks, and crane rails at industrial enterprises.

Our first order as a welding company was a small but important amount of work at the Moscow Metro commissioned by the Roadway Department – now this cooperation has expanded and is actively going on at new levels. By the end of 2010, more than 2,800 joints have already been welded and maintained on the operating rail tracks of Moscow Metro.

Since the early 2006, Russian Railways has been our main customer; 30 welding teams have welded more than 15,000 joints at October, North, Trans-Baikal, Volga, South-Ural, and Gorky Railways under contracts that we have entered into with Russian Railways. On the October Railway, not only did we do the welding, but also we delivered a ready-made joint "on a turn-key basis", that is, with an obligatory quality control by an ultrasonic flaw detector, for the first time. This was suggested by the Roadway Department. The results of this work and the new approach were recognized as extremely successful and useful – both for the customer and the contractor. We then applied our experience at the quality control department to other fields of our activities.

In 2008, we entered into an agreement with the Kazakh company Alau-NT, delivered to them 6 sets of equipment, and trained 25 of their welders. In the same year, our Kazakh partners welded more than 1,100 joints at Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, and in the following year, we helped them master another Thermit© welding technology called SRZ, which was then successfully applied when welding type T62 rails on tram tracks in Almaty. In 2010, we also had a new customer, the underground under construction in Almaty, where we welded approximately 400 joints of R50 type rails and planned to weld about 1,000 joints more in 2011.

During 2008-2009, we presented the Thermit© rail welding processes for type P65 rails (SkV technology) and type T62 rails (SRZ technology) and delivered equipment and consumables for the overhaul of the Minsk tram rails. During 2 seasons, our Belarusian partners welded more than 2,000 joints there.

In 2010, together with VNIIZhT experts, we completed the complex testing of another Thermit© welding process, the MKR technology intended to join the underground rails. Based on this experience, we created and approved special technical rules and regulations. In the same year, we introduced and mastered another welding technology called SKS, which allowed us to successfully perform the pilot survey and commercial welding of crane rails of various profiles at the Severstal plant in Cherepovets, Severnye Verfi company in St. Petersburg, VKT in Vladivostok, as well as to present the SKS technology to a few interested industrial enterprises.

Today, various technological processes allow us to weld rails of different profiles and purposes, produce reliable equipment and high-quality consumables, and maintain a production and warehouse facility as well as a facility for training the future welders. We have a fleet of vehicles and, most importantly, a professional team among our assets. All this makes it possible for us to operate successfully for many years and satisfy the needs of our various customers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Moldova, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan.