We are responsible for our future

Solidity and long-term operation

Our products and range of services are based on environment-friendly technologies that comply with all relevant standards, regulations, and laws. At the same time, our priority is the environment-friendly and cost-efficient use of consumables that can be recycled. Our employees continuously work to reduce the number of industrial waste, emissions of harmful substances, as well as the level of energy and resource consumption.

We combine developing, manufacturing, and providing our services with high quality products and production that is safe for environment. Along with the quality management system certified in 2012 for compliance with ISO 9001:2008, one of our goals is environmental safety when producing consumables and providing services for rail welding. In this regard, our immediate task is to certify the main activity of the company according to the international environmental management system under ISO 14001.

Thus, we take our full responsibility for our employees and the environment in all aspects of our business – thoroughly and long term.