Participation in the summit of heads of Russian Railways infrastructure directorates

On July 6, 2022, St. Petersburg hosted a summit of the heads of all infrastructure directorates of Russian Railways, to which our company was also invited. At the practical part of the event, we presented three rail repair technologies “live”: thermite surfacing of rail head defects THR and ATH-2, as well as the NORRA technology for repairing points and frame rails by automatic surfacing in stationary conditions. The participants of the summit - the heads of the CDI and regional directorates - demonstrated an active interest in new technologies and real intentions to actively apply them in the practice of repair and maintenance of the track. Pilot implementation of THR technology has already been successfully carried out at the Oktyabrskaya DI site last year, repairing almost 900 defective rails in 10 track distances. Next in line is the introduction of the tested and recently approved ATN-2 and NORRA technologies.