Repair of tracks and switches

One of the most important preventive measures against excessive wear during the continuous operation is professional repair works of rails and switches, which will increase their service life. Your work becomes more efficient and convenient, while the noise level is brought to nothing.

Our teams are extremely mobile thanks to our highly professional equipment: they can swiftly perform all the necessary welding works including in the most hard-to-reach places. The benefits of rail and switches repair services by Goldschmidt Group are numerous:

  • Longer service life of rails and switches 
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Long-term elimination of riffles thanks to the improved quality of running band
  • Reduction of noise level
  • Tyre fastening life extension through restoration of initial rail profile and low surface roughness thanks to ETEKA 5®, our special patented material
  • Quick and efficient removal of faults and rail wear
  • Various welding methods
  • Maintenance during operation
  • Repeatable renovation 

Welding and engineering renovation of switches

Rails must be safe. Carefully and in good faith, we eliminate any faults in switches originating from operation, on tram rails, urban and trunk roads through welding and engineering renovation of rails. We guarantee that your railway traffic will be carried out as planned.

Using our reliable manual welding method, we quickly and safely restore switches, especially crossing pieces. The special materials developed by us react against side wear and generation of noise and riffle.

The benefits you get from our welding and engineering renovation of switches are:

  •         High reliability of service due to timely restoration
  •         Extended service life of switches
  •         Significant reduction of switches service life costs
  •         Increase of wheel service life
  •         Increase of wear resisting properties thanks to special welding materials used
  •         Improved travelling comfort
  •         Prevention of operational malfunctions
  •         Repeatable renovation

Polishing and rail repair works

You can significantly decrease the cost of your rails service life and reduce the noise level upon operation of vehicles thanks to our professional polishing services. We work on both rails simultaneously using our two-band rail-grinding machines. Finally, our big car fleet allows quick and efficient performance for all your orders.

Our range of services includes polishing of new rails, where rolling crust and faults are eliminated; removal of riffles, burr removal, machining of wheels and audible polishing for noticeably quieter traffic.

Polishing technical repair optimizes wheel-rail contact. This way you will improve the rail wear and optimize the benefit-cost balance.

Whatever polishing work it is that you need, you will surely see the benefits:


  • Extended rail service life
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Improved wheel-rail contact for reduction of wear
  • Reduction of noise level
  • Preventive maintenance and elimination of rail faults
  • Convenient application thanks to the modern two-band technology
  • High availability due to a large number of grinding machines
  • Any track width from 1,000 to 1,668 mm
  • Measurement of riffle, rail roughness, profile elevation, and transverse rail profile with the use of the latest measuring devices before and after polishing.



Ballast stone stabilization

Safe foundation for safe maintenance: our assembly method ensures the fixation of various elements, which should be kept together. This will allow you to reduce costs for repair and maintenance, simplify cleaning of railway stations and stops, or reduce the noise level in urban areas.

Epoxy-based GREBOPOX® system that we use is recognized and approved worldwide by all major railway companies. Outstanding quality and environmental safety were checked and approved by the recognized institutes and our clients: We have been successfully using this method for more than 20 years.

We offer the following applications:


  • Stabilization in the switch area, at insulated rail joints and for deep stabilization
  • Temporary work-site protection
  • Protection of emergency exit routes and work paths
  • Transition areas between the ballast stone and railroad
  • Surface gluing, for example to protect against gravel or vandalism
  • Surface fixation for cost-effective cleaning of railway stations
  • Application of antiskid coatings at platforms
  • Gluing of public platforms
  • Rail sleepers repair on solid drive ways

The benefits you get:


  • Cut expenses for current maintenance thanks to less frequent technical maintenance.
  • Lower maintenance costs, great serviceability
  • Soundproof qualities, for example in urban public transport
  • Easy-to-clean surface of the ballast stone at railway stations and stops
  • Approval by all major railroad companies worldwide
  • High level of environmental safety, no need for any special utilization
  • Glued ballast stone can be entirely drained
  • Can be easily treated even in extreme weather conditions
  • Glued ballast stone can be cleaned again, recycled or glued again



Manual welding of turning joints

Manual welding of turning joints is performed by our experienced specialists manually with the use of welding electrodes (E) and metal welding wire. This reasonable method is primarily used in public passenger rail transport systems. At trunk roads, this method is only used when other welding methods cannot be applied due to lack of space, for example in the area of crossing pieces.

Manual welding is used for all rail profiles and points of transitions.