RAILSTRAIGHT COMPACT digital rail ruler

RAILSTRAIGHT COMPACT digital rail ruler ensures complete digital documentation of the straightness measurement results after welding and registration of obtained results. It is the main model in Railstraight series, which enables consistent measurement along the horizontal and vertical rolling surfaces.

Basic features:

•  Shockproof housing for use at railway tracks

•  Lithium-ion battery with a mini-USB port charger

•  Possible connection with Android devices

•  Android platform for measurements in the joint area and rail corrugation

•  Display of measurements as PDF files

•  Remote maintenance

Operating principle:

Railstraight rulers can be connected to any Android mobile device (smartphone/tablet) via Bluetooth.

Measurement and value monitoring is performed on the mobile device.

Measurements are carried out by a small in-built sensor, which has a motor drive and moves horizontally from one side of the ruler to the other parallel to the rail, on which the ruler is placed. The sensor records the changes of the magnetic field depending on the distance to the rail surface. At that, the sensor does not touch the rail along the whole way, which is 1 m. Rail profile information is transferred to the mobile device via Bluetooth and saved as a digital certificate. Values transferred and GPS coordinates are recorded by the mobile device and saved. 


Data obtained as a certificate can be saved and transferred as a PDF file. PDF file can be amended with important information related to the measurement.