[Translate to English:] Система обогрева стрелочных переводов

Switches heating system: RFI is a concept developed by Thermit Italiana


  • Our switches heating system revolutionize the traditional heating systems.
  • The heating systems that use gas or electric direct current heaters are to be switched off in emergencies, since they operate directly in cases of snow accumulation and front formation, and what is extremely important they cannot operate non-stop due to high maintenance costs.
  • The switches heating system with self-adjustable heating cables affects the metal itself, since the system operates proactively and keeps rails warm at all times, thus preventing the accumulation of snow and front formation, if the ambient temperature and humidity go below the critical levels. Self-adjustment allows for maintenance cost reduction without application of any complex control devices.

How is the system attached to the rail?


  • Self-adjustable heating cables are mounted in a special cableway made of stainless steel (AISI 304) 0.6 mm thick, with one (single cableway) or two trunks (dual cableway) depending on the rail profile, but no more than 35 mm thick. Cableway is attached to the rail with the use of plates or clips.
  • Dual cableway is attached with clips made of stainless steel (AISI 304) in the bottom section and of spring steel in the top section to withstand vibration produced by the passing trains or repair works.
  • Single cableway is attached with mounting plate made of stainless steel (AISI 304). For this plate, holes of 5.5 mm in diameter are drilled in the rail web between every railway sleeper. The plate is fixed with bolts made of stainless steel, screws, anti-vibration plates, and/or self-locking nuts 5 mm in diameter.

Energy cost reduction

Optionally, we can install automatic switch on/off without operator’s participation. This can be achieved via installation of weather indicator (snow and frost sensor) which primarily consists of the following components:

  • The external humidity and air temperature sensor (able to detect snowfall and frost formation);
  • Control unit for the processing of data obtained from sensors with various parameters, which control the switching on/off of the switches heating system.